onsdag 16 januari 2013


So, according to statistics, people rad my blog. I'm surprised and happy!

I was home sick today, so i have spent a fair amount of time on the computer. Among other things I have watched Sf Debris' reviwe of Legend Of Korra. Link Here
If you like... or dislike actually.. Legend of korra check it out. It is excellent and funny!

This brings me to what I wanted to write about today. Fandoms!

Yes. Fandoms. I myself am a fan of many things. Tolkien, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic,  Avatar- The Last Airbender,  are some that makes my knees go gooey.

And Game of Thrones. Did I mention Game of Thrones... 

Aaanyway.. What got me thinking was when i realized I had spent more than an hour in Etsy's Geekery section, contemplating the absolute necessity of a cup with a 10th Doctor quote. 

What I wonder is: why? 
Why do i obsess about the actions of fictional characters? Why do I dream that the stories are true. Why do my heart break with theirs. And why, O why, is this suddenly something I reallyrealltreallyreally want? 

I mean. It's not just liking something. I can get into real arguments about this. I once punched a friend over LOTR. I'm not crazy, it was more of a soft slap really, and SHE was saying that Frodo sucks. he does not. 

So it's raining pictures today. I don't actually have a point to make. I just find the phenomenon curious. I'm just glad I'm not a fourteen year old fan-girl anymore. Hopefully I have a bit more dignity... Hopefully 


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